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ELEMONT - Smoothing & Hydrating Cream (Hydrating, Antioxidant, Repairing, Whitening) (e50ml) E104
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Smoothing & Hydrating Cream (Hydrating, Antioxidant, Repairing, Whitening)

e50ml                                                                                    Product ID: E104


Embodies with XTRA FIRMING COPMLEX and essential natural plant extracts, it effectively restores and balances skin cells to deliver a smooth touch of hydrated suppleness. Your skin is nourished with a perfect balance to prepare your day ahead.



Grape Seed Extract, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Allantoin,  Glycerol,  NMF.



Apply Smoothing & Hydrating Cream day and night onto face after using Intensive face Caviar serum. Warm the cream slightly between pains and then apply thoroughly onto your face & neck to enhance optimal penetration.