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Cici Care - Bio-nano Pure Placenta (Moisturising, Firming, Reduce Fine Lines, Lighten Melanin) (e10mlx3) CC004
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Brand Cici Care
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Bio-nano Pure Placenta (Moisturising, Firming, Reduce Fine Lines, Lighten Melanin)

e10ml*3 Bottles per Box                                                             Product ID: CC004


The Australian natural Bio-Placenta Liquid has undergone a special emulsification process to allow the effective ingredients to quickly penetrate into the deep stratum corneum and accelerate the absorption of the effective ingredients. Long-lasting moisturizing, hydrating, revitalizing the skin, enhancing skin elasticity, and quickly reducing the appearance of mosquitoes. Effectively inhibit the melanin that forms spots and reduce the amount of melanin in the skin to achieve the effect of lightening spots.


This product has a very high concentrate of sheep placenta.  Clinical test has shown that placenta liquid helps control and prevent the formation of melanin which causes dark sports and freckles.  Instantly, its silky-smooth texture refines and soothes skin upon application.  The number, depth and size of wrinkles are significantly reduced, giving you a firmer, softer and more youthful appearance.  This liquid is suitable for any skin type.



Purified Water, Propylene, Sheep Placenta, Hydroxyethyl cellulose Phenoxyethethand



It is recommended to add it to frequently used creams or lotions to increase the skin's ability to absorb.  Or drop it on the mask to instantly transform the mask into a placenta mask, allowing the skin to absorb more nutrients.


Apply a suitable amount to clean, dry face, morning and evening.



Replace cap and store in refrigerator after use.