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ELEMONT - Deep Cleansing Beauty Set (Makeup Remover, Deep Cleansing, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Elasticity, Soothing and Calming) CB011
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Deep Cleansing Beauty Set (Makeup Remover, Deep Cleansing, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Elasticity, Soothing and Calming)

Product ID: CB011



Hydro-Therapy Calming Cleansing Milk (With Green Tea) (Mark Up Remover ,Deep Cleansing, Hydrating)

e250ml                                                                                 Product ID: E100


A specially formulated gentle cleansing and make-up removing cream for dehydrated or very sensitive skin. It embodies the Punamava Calming Extract to re-establish the sensitivity threshold of the skin by stopping the amplification and by contributing to resolve of the inflammatory reactions. It effectively repairs damaged skin and empowering skin with supple hydrating, anti-oxidant and soothing effects. Fragrance-free.



Yverdon-les-bains Spring Water, Herbal Calming Extract, Natural Antioxidant Complex, Green Tea Extract, Panthenol.



Every morning and evening apply Hydro-Therapy Calming Cleansing Milk onto your face in an outward-circular Motion. Wipe off gently with a cotton pad or tissue. Then rinse well with luke warm water before applying Hydro-Therapy Calming and Soothing Skin Softener.



Hydro-Therapy Calming & Soothing Skin Softener (Lifting, Hydrating, Soothing)

e250ml                                                                                 Product ID: E101


This is an ultra-fresh gel-emulsion softener that sinks into the skin and gives it an instant soothing and calming power. It preps skin to absorb the best ingredients of other skincare products in a second. You can imagine the physical benefits if you intake the purified spring water on a daily basis, you are ensured that what you drink is free from pollutions and toxics. The same theory applies to this skin softener which is rich in minerals and trace elements. It reinforces skin self-defense mechanism. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.



Yverdon-les-bains Spring Water,  Red Algae Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Crnflower Floral Water, Panthenol Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer.



Apply Hydro-Therapy Calming and Soothing Skin Softener after cleansing in morning and evening. Smooth the softener over the cleansed face and neck. Massage it gently until fully absorbed and then followed with day or night creams.