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ELEMONT - Hydro-Therapy Calming Complex (Hydrating, Firming, Sensitive Skin) (e50ml) E106
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Hydro-Therapy Calming Complex (Hydrating, Firming, Sensitive Skin)

e50ml                                                                                    Product ID: E106


The star product in this collection to nurture your skin with the unique blend of ATP Hydro-Vitality Complex. This special complex performs as an energy source to stimulate and activate skin’s cellular metabolism. It reduces trans-epidermal water loss and ‘awaken’ skin with a new freshness and beauty. It is the key element to retain maximum hydration up to 1,000 times of your natural water-absorbing mechanism, fine lines and dullness are diminished, the natural source of mineral energy will nourish your skin with a radiating touch of resilience.



Yverdon-les-bains Spring Water, ATP, collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, Oxidation of organic herbal elements Malt Extract.



Every morning and evening, smooth Hydro-Therapy Calming Complex over thoroughly on your cleansed and toned skin on face and neck. Then follow with day and night cream.